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Fixating on those specialist opportunities

I’m sure that we will see a number of twists, turns and shifts in focus throughout the mortgage market over the next 12 months, with specialist sectors likely to be at the heart of many key trends. When looking ahead to 2024, a comment which stood out for me was from...

Navigating the complex world of commercial mortgages

The intermediary market has always played a crucial role in helping open the doors to a range of funding needs for businesses of all shapes, sizes and structures. In such a complex economic climate, this specialist support is even more evident as businesses continue...

2024: A specialist look into the future

The past few years have certainly been harder to predict than many of their predecessors. While it takes a brave person to put their head on the chopping block in terms of placing some hard and fast numbers on lending volumes or potential house price movement, there...

The value of a trusted specialist packaging partner

As we come towards the final few weeks of 2023, it’s been one of those years that seems to have flashed by in the blink of an eye, yet also one which – at times – has lasted an eternity. This thought came into my mind due to the fact that only a few weeks ago we...

Converting the bridging opportunities

Given the sustained lull in the overall volume of property-related transactions over the course of 2023, from the outside in at least, there may be a common misconception that the mortgage market is running on empty. Of course, it’s the sheer quantity of the more...


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